Winbest Master 200 Metal Detector by Barska , Black


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Barska’s metal detector is perfect for all of your treasure hunting needs. It’s easy to use user-friendly LCD interface will help you easily find what you’re looking for with it’s visual indication, adjustable sensitivity which can discriminate different metals, and the 100% waterproof search coil that is also weather sealed. Plus, two volume settings with adjustable knobs ensures that you never have an issue hearing anything! So go back into history and find out what secrets are buried deep in the sand today!
A detector helps find treasure. It has a screen that shows what type of metal is found. It can tell the difference between different types of metals by adjusting the sensitivity. The coil can be put in water to look for treasure under water too, but it needs to stay out of the water when not looking for things underwater. There are controls for noise and sensitivity, and a headphone jack so you can hear more clearly while using it.


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