Garden Sun 48,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Heater


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You’ve spent all this time and work on your beautiful succulent garden and now winter is coming and you want to keep it alive. But the weather outside is getting colder, and if we don’t take care of our plants they’ll freeze! That’s where Garden Sun 48,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Heater comes in. You can now exhaust those hard-working plants with free heat from our durable heater. It goes as high as 175 sq ft (15′ radius), heating up your plants like a pro through tough winters. Notonly does this product help you save thousands dollars on heating costs, but it also has features that will ensure your safety: level shut off valves, stainless steel burners and grills and propane patio heater included
This product has a long tank housing and a K/D pole. It will warm up to 175 sq. ft. (15′ radius). This product includes a propane patio heater for safety reasons.


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