Atlantic Water Gardens CS12 Waterfall Spillway, 12-inch, Copper Finish


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You can create a soothing waterfall right in your back yard with this spillway, or incorporate it into a natural looking stone patio to make an unforgettable focal point. Let the fluidity of our 304 stainless steel and copper fountain mix seamlessly with other metal finishes like black steel and brass for a decorative display that’s as versatile as you need it to be. Our clever design lets you install over half your height by simply adding 12 inch blocks up against the bridge wall: no additional forms needed!
304 stainless steel spillways are good for water. They can make your garden pretty. You can put them on a wall or on the ground. When you put them on the ground, they are heavy and hard to move. But if you put them in a wall, it is easier to move when you need to change something. The height of the falls when the water goes over is 12 inches for this kind of spillway, but it can be 30 inches for another type of spillway that is taller than 12 inches.


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