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The Christmas Cactus After The Holidays

I love Christmas Cactus – that “easy keeper” that  lives in my house all winter and in the summer goes to live on the patio. Little did I know that the plant would thrive and have more blossoms if I kept it outside during the summer months. I have always sent it to the patio just so I wouldn’t have to water it during the summer. Recently I learned that my cactus will provide me with more bright colored blooms after a summer outside.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is can that plant really tell time, well sorta? Mine bloomed at Thanksgiving this year but it was truly lovely.

Just the facts:

Schlumbergera is a genus of cacti known better as the Christmas cactus. They originated in the mountains of Brazil.

Christmas cactus adds beauty to the holidays and beyond – LSU

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(Video 12/23/13) During the holiday season, you will see Christmas cactuses for sale in nurseries, home improvement stores and even supermarkets. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill 

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Wandrin: A Memory — Christmas Cactus

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A couple of days ago on a return from a hike, I stopped at a cactus greenhouse which was advertising Christmas Cactus. The image brought back memories of my childhood. My mother had many plants and one of those was 

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