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Rustic Chic Concrete Planters

rustic-chic-diy-concrete-planters-1-500x330Since it is still winter and we really don’t have much to do, let’s think about spring!! After cleaning up all my planting in the fall I ended up with more than one of those red plastic pots. Some of the pots can be used again and some can’t. So now what?

Look at what I found let’s turn these pots into “concrete planters” that should last a long time.

rustic-chic-diy-concrete-planters-2-500x755Concrete planters are always the best ones due to the minimalist style they show and the fact that they are suitable both for the indoors and outdoors and blend into the landscape in a naturally cool way that layers of terra cotta pots just don’t.

To make these planters just mix the concrete, spray your outer mold with cooking spray and fill with concrete. Spray your inner mold with cooking spray and press into the middle in order to create the negative space of your planter. Use a cork – cut in half – to create the hole in the mold. The concrete takes 4 days to set. For a more rustic look add pebbles to make air bubbles and enjoy!
More pictures and instructions…Shelterness.Com

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