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Peace Love & Animals – No Kill Shelter

Why adopt from Peace, Love, & Animals?

2014-02-17_10-31-30Peace, Love, & Animals is non-profit, volunteer run organization and shelter that is dedicated to saving lives and finding the best homes for animals. Our mission is to pull animals from all sources, including local pounds that would end up euthanizing pets that are perfectly able to become great companions.

The animals in our rescue live out their lives without the fear of being euthanized, but all of them do need good homes and families to love!

“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”

One of the biggest problems with rescuing animals is trying to find a place to house them until they can find a forever home. While some dogs can be brought in and find a new family within a week or less, others take some time to find the perfect family. Because of this, we try to provide our animals the best and most comfortable conditions while they are with us.


In the fall of 2009, Cathy Oakley, the owner of Bark Avenue Pet Resort, helped establish Peace, Love, and Animals. Cathy started using a horse barn that was on her property to house dogs, with the intent to restore it into a permanent rescue home. This barn was like any other barn, with dirt floors, no insulation, basic roof, and little electrical power. With generous support from local businesses and help from our volunteers, we have been making a lot of progress. barn_insideThrough months of effort, what started off as just a regular barn is about half-way to becoming a fully functional rescue facility. Bare dirt floors were transformed into a concrete slab with installed drainage, sidewalks were poured outside where there was just grass, and a new roof was installed to keep the rain out. These were just some of the steps that were taken in a short amount of time. Framed walls to include the addition of a few new rooms (future puppy room and cattery), insulation, and ceiling fans were installed during the late winter and early spring to help with combating the heat of summer.

Please contact us: Rose Breiner at (256) 616-3692 or Cathy Oakley at (256) 233-4343

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