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Naturalizing Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Crocus_sieberi_Tricolor06smHow to make bulbs look as if Mother Nature planted them herself. I know that more than once I have seen homes in the spring with flowers blooming in places you don’t expect to see them. Then I found an article that tells you how to expand all of that beautiful spring color and cheer up your spring landscape.

In gardening, the term naturalizing often refers to informal-looking, unplanned plantings of bulbs. Naturalized areas flourish when planted with self-propagating bulb species and varieties that spread freely in fields, meadows, lawns, and along wooded paths. Over time, these plantings tend to redesign themselves, each year expanding into a pattern governed more by nature than by the senses of the gardener and resulting in a garden that gives pleasure year after year without needing much in return.


For the rest of the story and some great planting tips visit: Naturalizing Spring Blooming Bulbs by: Charles W.G. Smith

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