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More About Forcing Bulbs For Spring Color


I am excited, because it’s  not too late to force some flower bulbs! Now after reading all of the articles I researched telling me how to plant them and then store in refrigerator for X number of weeks or days, I have decided I can just put them in the garage. The weather people say we will be down to 1 degree tomorrow night and then below freezing (very cold) for about a week.

My suggestion is go get some bulbs and give it a try. I am hoping to find some somewhere on my next trip to town. There isn’t much time left, but I can still have some bright color and sweet smells before the last frost.

Just in case you didn’t read the earlier post you may be thinking “Why would I want to force bulbs?”

The answer is: because it’s easy, it’s fun, and it will bring magnificent color, and in some cases fragrance, into your home or office.

Plus, once you get the hang of this you can experiment growing and forcing many different kinds of bulbs that you normally can’t grow in your climate zone.

Check the how to video in the earlier  post.

PS: I am secretly hopping I will be successful and have some beautiful arrangements to share with friends this spring. What a wonderful gift…

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