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How To Clean Your Washing Machine

washerMost of us don’t think about cleaning our washing machine. We are so busy just getting the washing done we don’t think beyond that. The whole point of the appliance is to take dirty items and clean them right? yes, your machine does need to be cleaned or it will start to smell musty. Thankfully, this chore falls in the “easy breezy” category. Apartment Therapy has a good way to tackle this chore easily.

How To Clean Your Washer
When using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers – putting soap in and taking clean things out – one can sometimes forget that the appliance itself needs a good cleaning now and then.

And boy, did my top-loading workhorse need it. To tell you how much, I’ll just say two words: Cloth. Diapers.It had been two years since my washing machine was cleaned well, so it was the perfect opportunity to share some nasty before pics as I illustrate the cleaning step by step. (I honestly cannot believe I am publicly sharing photos of the inside of my dirty washing machine, but here goes).
Clean Your Washer..Article

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