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Grandma’s Cast Iron Skillet

skilletI am sure you remember that heavy black skillet with all of that icky stuff on the sides. It was the one grandma fried chicken in, but it was more than just a skillet.

My grandma was an artist with that skillet. She wore an apron all of the time and always had a hanky stuffed in her pocket (no tissues back then.)

The meals she cooked in that pan always tasted delicious. I watched her when I was growing up but I didn’t really understand the meaning or the care she used to keep it perfect.

Years later when my grandma passed away I inherited her cast iron skillet.  I was so excited, that “gross” skillet was the most perfectly seasoned iron skillet of them all.  It had been used every single day to feed her family and it produced the most wonderful food. All because of that coating,  that yucky, icky coating that she was so careful to preserve. 

Now that I have my grandma’s cast iron skillet I feel like I have a part of her. It is perfectly seasoned, perfect in every way and you would have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands before I would ever let it go. 

Yes, I know you can buy cast iron new and already seasoned by a manufacturer but it will never be the same. Just in case you aren’t as fortunate as me, buy one and start your own tradition, you won’t be sorry.
Great article from Julie at Around My Family Table..take time to read how to keep your Cast Iron Seasoned….

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