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Anne Weil – DIY Valentine Day Hearts

Valentine’s Day is about love. It is a great idea to have some sweethearts for gifts or decoration. I am excited to find these charming hearts that you can knit or crochet. Don’t know how to knit? Not to worry. Anne Weil has very detailed step by step instructions with patterns.


Lesson: Anne Weil – DIY Valentine Day Sweetheart Tutorial
Designing these Valentines has been an wonderful process. Sometimes, I forget how many decisions go into designing. Making up the pattern is the simple part. I forget all the other pieces – choosing which yarn, which color, which stitches, which embroidery, what words – oh my goodness, this was so much fun. Well . . . It became fun. Valentines-9106At first, I did panic a bit about all the decision making. I so wanted them to look good! Then, I remembered that the point of creating is to have fun experimenting – this is the process, the creative process. And so I did – I just played with it all. I got lots of positive feedback from the kids, and even the hubby along the way. They are so fast to whip up and you can do all sorts of things with them. Hang them as a garland. Put them in lunchboxes. Stick them in drawers as a Valentine surprise. Hide them in their raincoat for them to find next spring. . . . Just do one and you’ll get addicted!

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Lesson: Valentine Message In A Bottle

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